Hear God’s Voice Everyday by Cindy Edgett

Cindy Edgett is a powerful woman of God.  She has taught me a lot about the Lord and is someone I can always go to for a Godly perspective on life.  If you have a desire to hear the Lord’s voice, her book “Hear God’s Voice Everyday” will help fill a hunger that you didn’t know was there.  The book is filled with practical life applications and personal stories that are truly encouraging.

Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk

Danny Silk’s book “Keep Your Love On” really impacted the way I do relationships. This book is filled with so many great tools that I have implemented into my daily life. If you’re in a relationship that has more downs than ups, get a hold of this book. It gives great communication techniques that you can use to help understand your partner. It teaches on the five love languages, healthy boundaries and communication, all vital to a healthy relationship.